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Integrating Academics, Creativity and ConsciousnessCSCA is a private, nonprofit spiritual K-8 school with a multi-age classroom arrangement. We are located in NW Albuquerque and  combine academics creativity and consciousness through daily meditation. We are in service to our students’ individual needs, and by serving them, we change the world, one child at a time. Meet our wonderful CSCA staff!


CSCA Launches Sustainability Campaign: Catch the Chinook Spirit!

What if there were a school that values a child’s inner spirit as a crucial part of a well-rounded education? And what if there were a school that nurtures a child’s capacity for empathy, creativity and philanthropy within a conventional education model?

Well, there is such a school. It’s our school! Chinook Spirit Children’s Academy, founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2013. Join us in supporting this unique school model, designed for educating the minds, hearts and souls of our future citizens. Join us in sharing this school model with other educators. Help us meet our sustainability campaign goal of $640,000.

For more information, to contribute, or to join our Campaign Brainstorm Committee, or to make an honorary or memorial gift, contact us at (505) 850-7916 or email the school at


CSCA student meditating

Chinook Spirit Children’s Academy integrates academics, creativity, and consciousness through daily meditation. 

During Spirit Time (daily meditation), we listen to our own needs, and then we can help others. Service projects are planned as students ask themselves the essential question, “What do I CARE about?” Past and upcoming CSCA Service Projects include:

Life is our classroom

  • Maintaining community garden
  • Creating a baby quilt for a very special baby in need
  • Making new friends and visiting them at Genesis Assisted Living
  • Park Clean-Up (and recycled water bottle art project)
  • Supporting Cuidando Los Ninos  to help families in need
  • Supporting the Feed the Kids drive
  • And more!


Kathy Azar

All of my experiences here at Chinook Spirit Children's Academy have been extremely rewarding. Everyday I see the heart and compassion that exists here and extends out to all of the families. My own twin grandchildren are students here and I am so very grateful for all of the opportunities available to them.

Mary de Lopez

Holly Wu gets an "A" as an effective educator. She loves children and is creative in her approaches to teaching them. Based on her deep understanding of mathematics and how children learned, she was able to transform the district math program from noneffective to highly effective in just two years.

Caryn McGinley

I love that parents are actively involved in school to share their strengths with the children. I love the open communication regarding Julie or the school's progress; receiving texts with pictures to share their pride in Julie's accomplishments that day as well as weekly emails detailing all the week's lessons, goals, little stories of their experiences, etc.

Annette R.

Holly Wu is an amazing teacher. She taught both of my children to become strong readers.  Can you imagine a better gift?  She balances teaching and fun with a child’s abilities to help them reach their full potential.  I love how consistent she is with the kids.  I will forever be grateful to her.

Kelsey M.

Holly Wu was one of my most prominent teachers of all time. She pushed the envelope for innovative learning while giving her students chances to be independent thinkers.

Rev. Debbie O'Connor

Holly's understanding of how children learn is unsurpassed. She uses this knowledge as well as her deep love and caring to bring out the best in every child she comes in contact with.