meditate-drawingEasy Steps to Enrollment

  1.  Schedule a 2-hour observation with CSCA.  CSCA staff will use our Acceptance Criteria Checklist to process the observation.
  2. Complete enrollment form and submit all requested documents:


    • Enrollment form
    • Transcripts
    • Immunizations
    • Birth certificate
    • A copy of parent ID
    • Court orders of guardianship/custody (if applicable)
    • Enrollment commitment payment


  1. 3.   CSCA will meet with you regarding your child’s admission results.

How does CSCA decide who is admitted?
If the application process has been FULLY completed, if we have openings, and if we determine that we can indeed meet your child’s needs, then your child will be admitted to CSCA.

Age Range
CSCA offers services to kindergarten through 8th grade.

We have a unique kindergarten opportunity for families who wish their child to begin kindergarten “early.” Generally, schools have an age requirement that your child turn 5 years old on or before September 1 to begin kindergarten. While we honor that September 1 cut-off as a guideline, we also consider individual needs of children, along with parental input. If your child closely misses this cut-off, but you feel (s)he is developmentally ready to begin kindergarten, you have the choice to offer your child a Kinder-Pre-First Experience. Via individual student assessments, we can structure your child’s kindergarten experience on a two-year plan, rather than a one-year plan. At the second Parent/Teacher Conference, a decision will be made as a team (parents, educators, and student) to decide if your child will continue onto pre-first grade for year two, or your child may be developmentally and academically ready to advance to first grade.

CSCA recently expanded from K-5 to K-8.  Our 6 th – 8 th grade model is one of a nurturing extension of the elementary years.  This allows the pre-teen to learn in a family-structured, multi-age atmosphere, without the need to feel like growing up rapidly.  We will continue to use Common Core State Standards and New Mexico standards to guide curriculum selections.  Due to our multi-age classroom and small group approach, the instruction will continue to be differentiated to each student’s needs. Part of the criteria for a 6th-8th grader to be enrolled at CSCA is that his or her personality lends itself to our nurturing model, one that considers all ages of learners with compassion and respect.

For additional information or assistance with the application process, please contact CSCA.