Dear Families,

Just as you are, we are a family looking for a safe, happy place for our children to learn, a place that will challenge yet support our kids academically and spiritually. We think our children are exceptional, and we know yours are too. We want them all to learn in a place where they are treated like the exceptional beings that they are. All children are exceptional souls, here to teach us, as well as learn from us. Students of CSCA do not have to leave their spiritual knowing and beliefs at the door; they bring them in and share them as they are comfortable. This is a safe school, safe to feel positive and negative emotions and have the tools to cope with it all. It is safe place to grow to be as amazing as one can become!

Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere. ~Albert Einstein

As educator moms, we have solid beliefs about educational methods. Each student benefits from a unique learning style and perspective. What appeals to Val’s daughter may not catch the attention of Holly’s daughter, so different approaches are paramount for all learners. We are both highly skilled at and committed to this process of differentiating instruction to meet individual student’s needs, just as we would want for our own children.

Academically, we also believe that a well-rounded curriculum is critical for creating a well-rounded person. We want that for our children too! This includes learning science, social studies, music, art, and PE on a consistent basis, the way we grew up. We also like celebrating holidays and fully experiencing this world that we live in. As much as possible, the classroom will mimic the world and real-life’s experiences.

child-silhouetteAs parents, we love taking our children to parts of our city and surrounding nature in order to experience it and learn from it. Much like home-schoolers, CSCA students will go on curriculum related field trips and service projects during the school week, every Thursday (Life is Our Classroom Day), and weekends can be reserved for hobbies and relaxing! Rest is important in order for the soul to hear its path and grow.

While the academic curriculum is strong and rigorous, we also build in rest time during the days, Spirit Time. We teach our own children to listen to their body and heart, to give themselves time alone when needed, to learn how to cope when they are required to participate, and many other strategies to help them deal with this booming world we live in. During Spirit Time, our students will learn those skills as well.  They will have the option to rest, meditate, or participate in the spiritual lesson taking place.

CSCA is a community of learners at its best. These lessons will embrace all goodness principals, western and eastern practices. Students will always be encouraged to ask themselves what resonates with them, to pick and choose what they embrace. As parents, we want to be informed fully about what is being taught to our children, so we can talk to them about it; that need is completely honored and respected. As parents, we also want our children to grow up surrounded by diversity and in an environment where learning life lessons are transparent, and that is what we are creating. We wear both the parent and educator hat as we create this school and make decisions.

Personally, we believe that one co-creates their universe. We believe that we manifested this school in our consciousness long ago, that it bubbled to the surface in 2011, and that it has become tangible in 2013. It has always been there, a part of us, and it will enhance the lives of countless people by becoming part of them too. If you believe your family to be among those people, we sincerely look forward to getting to know you and learning together.

Holly and Val


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