Dear Families,


I hope this finds you all having a beautiful weekend. Here are some highlights for what is happening this week and coming weeks.


  • This Thursday, the Mother’s Day Tea: as a class, we will arrive early that morning to prepare, but mothers, please arrive at noon for a lunch-hour tea.


  • Last week in Life is Our Classroom Thursday, we honored Earth Day. In part, we cleaned up the garden and planned what we would like to do with 3 large garden pots on wheels. The kids brainstormed a list of what they would like to plant. If you have a few seeds to spare of anything on this list, please send to school in the next week and we will put them to great use.





Bell peppers


Herbs, specifically requested were spearmint, lemongrass and parsley








  • What items are you considering donating for our silent auction? Since we are staying in our same location and not going to be packing up each week next year, CSCA will at long last be able to purchase furniture for our classroom, and we would like to use silent auction fundraising toward that effort. We have been saving since last year for this and are excited for this step. Please send donation items by Mon, May 16, and silent auction will take place on Thur, May 19 just following performance at 2:30. Thank you!


  • Next year’s calendar is attached.* School starts on Wed, August 10 and dismisses the Thursday before Memorial Day. We dismiss at noon on the last day of school, just like this year. The calendar follows this year’s, for the most part. 2-week fall, winter, and spring break; Friday’s off. We did add the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as a no school day based upon feedback from this year. While we may not be able to make a perfect calendar for everyone, we sure try to hear your needs and make this schedule work for your family! Thanks for your patience with the release of it.


  • CSCA will begin teaching keyboarding next year for all students learning to type (kinder and up), along with a broad range of technology themes including digital citizenship. This is part of a program called Keyboarding Without Tears, a hands-on, multi-sensory approach to keyboarding. (It is the same company as Handwriting Without Tears, our K-2 handwriting program.) Each student will have a license with a secret code. We already have the licenses and are happy to assign them now, if you would like to get started at home over the summer. If this interests you as a parent to oversee your child with typing, please see me to receive a brief tutorial. You will need to supervise your child’s hand placement, on “home row,” in order to make this effective for your child next fall when (s)he returns to school. My daughter started yesterday and to my surprise, she didn’t want to stop!   (Program recommends you stop after 10 minutes per day.) It is engaging at each child’s instructional level, which means it presents an appropriate amount of challenge. Parents, you can play with the program and learn more about it at


  • CSCA will be hiring 2 part-time Education Assistants (EA) next year. One is a morning position and the other is an afternoon position. We are in the final stages of selecting the “primary EA,” which will assist me with K-2 in the morning. The position that remains open is the EA that will assist the teacher with the whole class in the afternoon. If you know of a certified EA or teacher that is looking for a part-time EA position, please let them know about us. While certification is of utmost importance to us, also sharing that top rung of the ladder is consciousness. Our EA’s will be receiving training in Spiritual Approach to Intervention, our conscious methods for managing student behavior and learning, and this is a unique approach. Also, we would like our afternoon EA to be trained in Keyboarding Without Tears, so a certain level of comfort with technology is a requirement. *Further details of the job descriptions, along with the application, are attached.


  • CSCA is also looking for the right person or persons to run a before/after/Friday care program. This may take place at school or, if the circumstances are optimal, in their home. It could be that one person wants to run before care and another wants to take after care. Friday care is also a consideration, as well. As with all volunteers and positions, our national background check, Background Investigation Bureau, will be administered. If this interests you as a parent, it would be a good way to earn some tuition money and give your child playmates. If you know of someone to consider for this position, please have him/her contact us. In addition to safety, reliability and ease of communication are extremely important in consideration for this position. *Flyer with details attached



PE- This week we had indoor PE due to the windy day on Monday. We did a different version of indoor circuit training that was more like musical chairs, and involved rolling the dice.  It was fun to try a new game while still getting exercise.  For the next 3 weeks the students will get to choose Yoga or Basketball on Mondays.


Field Day- The date is set for Monday, May 23rd at A Park Above.  If you would like to lead a game or event for that day or bring supplies (drinks, water balloons, etc), please contact Ms. Val. More details will follow in an upcoming newsletter as well as a sign up sheet for volunteers to help out on that day.

*Please note the corrected date. It is the last Monday of the school year, May 23. Thanks!


Primary Highlights:


Huge thank you for your well wishes while I have been out sick this week. It’s GREAT to be back, and I missed the kids. I heard nothing but rave reports from Ms. Pink and Ms. Val about how well they did on their math and literacy assignments this week, a lot of review. That is reaffirming, and I am grateful! It takes a village, I hear. 😉



Intermediate Highlights:


In Math we continued our individual computation practice ranging from multi-digit subtraction and multiplication to solving for inequalities. We also spent some time counting money and learning how to give change. The students excellent at estimating total costs of items in our “store” and figuring out total amounts. Most students are challenged by giving correct change, so this is an area we will continue to work on. It is also one that you can encourage at home.  In Literacy we are finishing up Julie of the Wolves and those students are getting ready to do another research project on an endangered species and create a powerpoint presentation. The younger students are plugging away at Hatchet, and this book has been slower going as we stop to discuss several parts of the book. In the chapters we read this week the main character learned how to make a fire using only a hatchet, some flint, and whatever kindling could be found in nature. The students are enjoying learning about the survival skills the character is learning out of necessity. Many have expressed an interest in wanting to take an outdoor education class to learn some of these skills themselves. It is giving us some ideas for next year!





Next week:

Mon                        PE bring yoga mat or tennis shoes

*Bring water bottle


Tue                        *Bring water bottle

End-of-year performance prep


Wed                        End-of-year performance prep

*Bring water bottle


Thur:                     Mother’s Day Tea at noon

Show and tell—remember this is just ONE item please

*Bring water bottle




Upcoming Field Trips:

May 5            Mother’s Day Tea at noon

May 12            Sandia Mountains, last field trip of the year

May 19            End-of-Year Performance and Silent Auction at 2:30



Reminders and Announcements:





  • Your child will be hosting you as his/her guest to our Mother’s Day Tea on Thur, May 5 at noon. Please RSVP asap if you have not already.


  • Our class will have an end-of-year performance on Thur, May 19 at 2:30 in sanctuary. We will also have silent auction at that time. Please bring silent auction donations beginning the Monday prior, May 16.


  • Reminder that on the last day of school, Thur, May 26, we dismiss at noon.


  • Many families wish to continue supporting Cuidando Los Ninos, so please feel free to continue collecting items from the general wish list and sending them at your leisure for the remainder of the year. We will make sure the items to CLN.


  • Check out what the kids are up to on our Shutterfly site!





(505) 850-7916 school cell

EA job, click here: EAjobapp revised PDF

Before/After/Fri Caregive job, click here: Before After Fri Caregiver app

Calendar, click here: 16-17Calendar (3)