Dear Families,


Have you ever had a picnic in a hail storm?  Your child can now answer that with an enthusiastic YES!  You can experience a glimpse of our day yesterday on Shutterfly (videos and photos), but we were protected under a large shelter while the hail and rain poured around us.  The mood was giggly, light-hearted and one of celebration!


Spirit Time—

The students generated a list of ideas for service projects, and they came up a wonderful list of ways that they want to give back to the community. (Attached.)  The list included veterans, homeless families, senior citizens, animals, gardening, litter, and more! We will continue to work with them on narrowing down the list to what we can do this year. In the spirit of generosity and giving, we will be reading The Giving Tree and A Chair for my Mother and continuing the discussion about giving to others.



Primary class

  • We have settled into a nice routine of beginning math with Number Literacy, 10 minutes of problem solving “dot stories” and 10 minutes of Today’s Number, all of which cover grade level and beyond concepts that the kids are motivated to be exposed to. I love seeing the first graders’ faces when they connect such concepts as simple multiplication is putting together, just as adding is!  Kids are not held accountable for all of this exposure, but they are motivated to be learning and connecting at that level.  They are held accountable for their instructional level math, which began this week.  Our math groups are up and running, and they follow Number Literacy each day.  Students are working at their level and also becoming firm with past skills by being leaders with younger students.  This builds such success for all kids, the give and take of learning.


  • Our shared reading book was a “big book” called Homeplace, which is a story of a house through 5 generations of the family. The goal is to teach that history is a story of the past, to lay the foundation for learning a bit of our country’s history soon.  Students are also reading poems and songs in shared reading.  We are focusing on patriotic songs right now such as “America the Beautiful,” “Star-Spangled Banner,” and “This Land is Your Land.”  They also like to dance to that last one!


  • For interactive writing, we have continued to list state fair attractions for building our own mini state fair with recycled materials. During this time, we are focusing on letter sounds, digraphs, sound chunks, and strategies on how to spell words.  This is 10 minutes each day following shared reading.


  • The class is doing really well on literacy center rotation. Judy and I were able to read with a few students, so students are beginning to see that as they work on their centers, they will get turns to read with the teacher as well.  Ms. Judy and I are simply doing some one-on-one reading with each student to assess a beginning level, and we will continue that next week.  Then we will form small groups based upon skills or levels and read with kids in these “guided reading groups.”



Intermediate class from Ms. Val


Literacy-We will begin our biography reports next week. The students chose the books and were also able to choose the written format that fits their interest and level. When their book has been read and the written report is finished, students will present an oral report callled “I am…” to the class in which they dress as the person and speak about their life from their point of view.  The students are really excited about this part of the biography report.


In Math we are continuing to work on individual computation as well as place value and number sense. We are incorporating many hands-on games to teach the place value concept. The students use digit cards, place value dice, hundreds boards, decimal dice and more. We also use base 10 blocks and cuissinare rods as manipulatives so that students can gain a deeper level of understanding of the concepts.


Coming This Week



-Science with simple machines

-Volunteers: Thank you Jessica Sisneros-Counts and Jessica Perez!

-(Everyday) Please bring backpack, snack, lunch, water bottle with name.



-Art and music instruction

-Volunteers: Thank you Marth, Audrey, Melissa and Diana!



-Bring booster, swimsuit, towel, flip-flops, and anything you child needs for swimming (goggles optional, floaties not needed).  We will leave the school around 1:15 pm, and we will return by 3:45.  We will follow the same pick-up schedule as last week, unless we are otherwise notified.

-Volunteers: Ernesto or Tatyana, thank you!  April, Marc A. and Jessica P., thank you!



-Bring show and tell

-In-Class: Abq Parks & Rec guest speaker for “Walk This Way” safety presentation (how to be a safe pedestrian), followed by bike safety for 3rd+ and stranger safety role playing for all.

-No library

-Volunteers: Audrey and Linda (1st Thur), thank you!


Here are a few upcoming announcements and reminders for your convenience:



  1. Kathy (bookkeeper) and Marianne (Quinn’s mom, website volunteer) have worked together to add convenience to tuition payments! You can go to our website,  On the blue bar at the top of the home page you will see a button that says “Pay Tuition”. Please note: There is a $10 processing fee for paying by credit card, so please add that additional amount at the time you pay your tuition. We hope you find this new option easy and convenient! (We will soon be offering the option of eChecks as well.)  THANK YOU, Marianne and Kathy!


  1. We would like to update our CSCA family contact list. Please let me know if you do not wish your email and phone number to be shared.


  1. On the parent board and table as you enter the classroom, we would like to invite you to leave your personal business information. Let’s support each other!


  1. Please note 2 additions/changes to the field trip schedule below. Popejoy released their schedule, and none of the shows are on Thursdays.  However, there is a science show that we want to attend during science time on Mon, Nov 14: Dr. Kaboom, Live Wire.  We have room for 3 chaperones, first-come, first-serve; just let me know if you would like to come along.  J  Also, Kimo Theater is showing Pocahontas on Thur, November 17th, so we purchased tickets for our class and the Nov 17 volunteers/siblings to attend that show as well.


  1. We are collecting cleaned, recycled items for our simple machine (state fair-building) project. Please send all shapes of objects.


  1. New photos and videos on Shutterfly this week! You can view photos of our class in action on  Please feel free to post photos you take here.  We are not particular about how albums are organized or where photos are placed on this website.  Thank you for not posting them on social media.  Enjoy!


  1. Before/After/Friday: Thanks for keeping us in mind if you know of someone that may do a good job for our kids.  We are beginning to receive applications, and we welcome them in Divine timing.



Field Trips at a Glance–


PE Wed                  Swimming at UNM Therapy Pool on Wednesdays: Aug 17, 24, 31, and Sept 7

(Chaperones: Marc A., Tatyana, April and Jessica P.)

PE Wed                  Little Gym PE dates TBA


Sept 1                     Service Project and Problem Solving at school: Parks/Rec Walk This Way safety presentation, followed by bike safety with 3rd+ and stranger danger role playing with all students; library tentative

Sept 8                     NM School of Music; library

(Chaperones: Audrey, Fernande; Marc A. is back up)

Sept 15                   State Fair (We decided chaperones will not be taking kids on rides, as there are so

many other things we plan to do at the fair, but parents may take their own children on rides.)

(Chaperones: Audrey, Marc A, Mari, Mark S, Marianne, Jessica/David, Jessica P.)

Sept 22                   Explora

(Chaperones: Audrey, Fernande)

Sept 29                   Santa Fe Children’s Museum for engineering

(Chaperones: Audrey, Nissa, April, Jessica P., Fernande, Jessica Sisneros-Counts)

Oct 6-13                 No field trips due to Fall Break

Oct 20                     Service Project/Problem Solving, library

(Audrey, Mari, Jessica P.)

Oct 27                     Pumpkin Patch

(Audrey, Jovon, Linda, Fernande, Marc A., Marianne, Jessica and David, Jessica P.)

Nov 3                     National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

(Chaperones: Audrey, Fernande, Back-up: Marc)

Nov 10                   We are visiting a farm!  Library

(Chaperones: Audrey, Nissa, Fernande, Jessica P.)

Nov 14                   12:15 Popejoy show-Dr. Kaboom: Live Wire (Chaperones: we have space for first 3 that  tell me they would like to attend.)

Nov 17                   Problem Solving and/or service project in-class; 12:30 Pocahontas show at Kimo Theater
(Chaperones: Audrey, Mari, Marianne, Jessica P.)

Nov 24                   Thanksgiving break

Dec 1                      Fall Out or Kid’s Gym (class will vote), library

(Chaperones: Marc A., Marianne, Jessica Sisneros-Counts)

Dec 8                      Problem Solving, library

(Chaperones: Audrey, Mari, Marc, Jessica P., Marianne)

Dec 15                    Service Project w/(Cuidando Los Ninos wrapping), library, Winter

break ahead

(Chaperones: Audrey, Linda, Jessica P.)





(505) 850-7916 school cell