Dear Families,


Chili’s will be hosting a CSCA Give Back Event on Tue, March 15 from 11 am to 10 pm. We get 15% of sales donated back to the school, IF the flyer is presented. It can be presented in hard copy or electronically. There are 4 participating locations around the city. ANYONE can present the flyer, so please distribute this widely. Thank you, Val, for coordinating this!


As for our school community, it would be fun to meet for dinner together in small groups or a larger group! This is a Spanish Club Tuesday, so after Spanish Club, anyone that would like to could meet at Chili’s near Cottonwood mall at 5:15. Val and I will be there with our families for sure. Feel free to participate there or at one of the other three participating locations. See attached flyer for details.


Along that note, if you find yourself at a restaurant that offers a give-back-donation such as this and wish to coordinate it, please let us know. We welcome your participation and are grateful!



For several months, we have been looking toward next year and where our location will be. While we do have a commercial realtor helping us find the perfect space of our own, we honor divine timing and process. When the time is right, we will grow into our own space; at the present moment, we are in process of negotiating rent to stay where we are. It has worked well, and we are working on perhaps an even better sharing arrangement for CSCA with High Desert Center for Spiritual Living. The HDCSL community has been wonderful to work with, and we like it here. It is safe, large, has play space options, ample parking, and more. It helps us, and them, for now.


Also, looking forward, we hope to grow our Life is Our Classroom program (Thursday field trips and service projects), so we have written a few grants with funding that in mind. Specifically, we are looking to purchase a 12-15 passenger van or shuttle. We would still need and accept volunteers on Thursday. We will see what happens!


Thanks for keeping our needs on your radar as you go about your day-to-day routine. Location and transportation. If you see or hear of anything that we may wish to consider, please feel free to share the info with us. You and your input are an important part of growing our community. Please also trust that the CSCA Board has the role of considering what is best for the whole community, and we lovingly operate with those needs in mind.





PRIMARY KIDS’ highlights from Ms. Holly:


  • Students are learning main idea and organization/sequence in retelling a story and writing what they say (“What you say, you can write”). The pre-first through second graders are learning to generalize information to retell it sequentially.


  • We are working on root words and suffixes in order to decode words in and out of context. We do this through shared reading and shared writing, as well as independent work and reading. Prefixes coming soon. We make the purpose of learning this transparent to the kids by stating that readers notice that “big words are made up of small chunks that you know” (root words, suffixes, sounds, etc).


  • In math, kids have started something called “dog bone.” I learned this from another math program, and it has stuck with me as an engaging method of helping primary students connect with the number line and place value (ones, tens, hundreds) in a concrete, conceptual manner which shows their progress. You will get to see these at parent/teacher conferences and see why the kids love learning numbers so much with this technique! You can also view them in action on our Shutterfly account.


  • Reminder: next week begins our research project presentations per the rubric.



INTERMEDIATE KIDS’ highlights from Ms. Val:


It was a busy week as the students continued work on their state or country research project. As of Wednesday, the students had all made significant progress, but still needed more time to complete it. The students are scheduled to present their project to the class on Wednesday, March 2, during our Literacy block.  They are excited! I can’t wait to hear and see the finished products. The process is just important as the product, and it has been an interesting journey for most of them to go through such a long, extensive project. They are reflecting about themselves as learners and finding out what their strengths and challenge areas are.


Reminder- Next week on March 3, we will be staying at school to learn powerpoint while the primary students go to the Natural History Museum. We are all looking forward to this fun, interactive technology day. Also March 4th and March 11th are CSCA’s Parent-Teacher Conference Days. I am looking forward to talking with you about your child’s progress.



CSCA Reminders and Announcements:

Mon                        Guitar/piano

PE bring yoga mat


Tue                        Dinosaur science begins!

Spanish Club 4-4:45


Wed                        Art

Music Foundations

Violin, if applicable


Thur:                      Natural History Museum (primary students) and in-class technology class (intermediate)

Show and tell



Upcoming Field Trips:

March 3            Natural History Museum (primary) and in-class (intermediate)

March 10            Zoo

March 17            In-class service project (we are hoping “Zoo to You”)

March 24-31            No school, spring break




Reminders and Announcements:


  • Weekend food bags for homeless:

The kids made a list of what we would like to collect, and we will collect items through Friday, March 11 (last day of P/T conferences):

  • Water bottles, juices pouches
  • Fruit cuts, dried fruit, roll-ups, fruit leathers, fruit gummy snacks
  • Veggie and fruit pouches/applesauce
  • Cereal bars, granola bars, protein bars
  • Nuts, granola, cereal
  • Popcorn, crackers, peanut butter and crackers, cheese and crackers, Pringles, pretzels
  • Medical basics (band-aids, etc)
  • Sanitizer, wipes, napkins, gum
  • Gallon Ziploc bags


  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming up beginning next week: Fridays, March 4 and 11. Please sign up at school on sign-up table or email/text us to sign you up.


  • At P/T Conference time, by March 11, recommitment for next year’s enrollment is also due.


  • Now is the time to seek private scholarships (online) if you are in need for financial aid next year. CSCA’s financial aid is limited, and the deadline for the application is June 1.


  • CSCA is seeking a new projector with remote. We have one w/o remote, but if you come across a good deal on one that has a remote, we welcome your guidance. It can be new or used.


  • Life is Our Classroom Thursdays–

We are in need of BACK-UP chaperones, parents who are willing to sign up as an on-call person for a Thursday, should the primary chaperone have an illness or emergency that day.



  • Looking for something fun to do on these gorgeous weekends? Shakespeare Treasure Hunt in Downtown Santa Fe going on now until Feb 28. Free.


  • Here is our Go Fund Me for Music campaign link, ongoing as we reach our goal.


  • Spanish Club: We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 4-4:45. $12 each month.


  • Many families wish to continue supporting Cuidando Los Ninos, so please feel free to continue collecting items from the general wish list and sending them at your leisure for the remainder of the year. We will make sure the items to CLN.


  • Check out what the kids are up to on our Shutterfly site!



See you one of the next two Fridays for parent/teacher conference. There will most likely not be a newsletter those weeks, or at least not an extensive one, since we will get to talk face to face.


Thank you!


(505) 850-7916 school cell


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