Dear Families,


We were blessed with New Mexico School of Music’s talent and generosity yesterday.  The kids were engaged for 2 ½ hours with demonstrations and interactive experiences involving countless instruments (cello, guitars, piano, saxophone, flute, clarinet, harp, drums, recorder, so much)!  The director, Tatiana, is an inspiration to the many as she is doing what she loves and teaching others to do the same.  She warmly encouraged as much participation among the kids as possible, with hopes to pass along a love of music.  Her excellent teachers were there to demonstrate and share the instruments, and each child certainly acquired a favorite!  Tatiana sent a folder home with each student about the school, and she is going to email me a letter stating that if the kids wish to try classes, she will offer CSCA students a discount; letter/discount to follow soon!


Spirit Time—

During Spirit Time this week, we worked on student interactions and how to handle conflict, as explained in the last newsletter.  We read the book and watched the movie The Little Soul and the Sun.  Next week, we will role play and continue these lessons to continue allowing those life experiences to become part of the learning process.



Now that swimming is over we are moving on to new activities in PE. Next week, Linda (Lili’s mom) will be back to teach yoga. The students will get the opportunity to choose Yoga or another PE unit. For the next several weeks before our Fall Break and for a few weeks after, our new PE unit will be Circuit Training. This will involve the students going through fitness stations that work on cardio and strength building. It will consist of jump-roping, hula-hooping, planks, jumping jacks, wall pushups, and more. This might be indoor or outdoor, and will also involve obstacle courses and relays.  Each Wednesday the students will get to choose Yoga or Circuit Training.  Once they make their decision they need to stay with that activity for the entire class, but can choose a different activity the next time we have PE. For both Circuit Training and Yoga the students will need loose, comfortable clothing.  For Circuit Training, tennis shoes are required, and for Yoga, yoga mat or towel are optional. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for PE so that they can participate in the activity they choose. We are very grateful that our students have options on most PE days.




Primary class

–Guided reading groups are beginning, and your child is using his/her browse bag (instructional level books) to build success as a reader.

–Shared Writing this week and next involves modeling a class story about our “Chinook fair!”  The kids are excited to write their own stories as well!

–Math groups are in full swing.  The kids are getting used to knowing that math blocks and pictures match the numbers and are provided as a reference tool.  We have 3 math groups right now: kids doing the hand game, kids using “magic tens” to add one digit-numbers with sums larger than ten, and kids adding 3-digit numbers with story problems.



Intermediate class from Ms. Val

In Literacy, the students have been working on their Biography reports.  All of them have completed the books and are working on the written reports and/or preparing for the oral report. It looks like most of them are on track to finish and present next week or the following week.

This week we sorted the words we have been working with during our word work time. The students had to put the words into categories such as parts of speech, spelling patterns, or meaning.

In Math we are continuing to learn about place value through a variety of activities. Next week we wil be rounding numbers, and also working independently on computation.

The students were also introduced to our new set of 4 tablets. The students can use these for research, (they already came in handy this week when learning about the person in our biography report) and we will also use Math and Language Arts Apps occasionally as another learning modality.


Coming This Week



-Science: construction of “Chinook Fair” using recycled materials begins

-Volunteers: Jessica S.-C. and Jessica P., thank you!



-Art and music instruction

-Volunteers: Thank you Marth, Audrey, Melissa and Diana!



-Bring yoga mat or tennis shoes for PE

-Volunteers: Ernesto or Tatyana, Linda, and April, thank you!



-NO show and tell due to time constraints

-Field trip to State Fair; please send the following:


-Fully disposable cold lunch/snacks (to avoid carrying lunch all day and having to return to cars)

OR enough money to buy food ($15 or more, labeled with child’s name in Ziploc)

-Disposable water bottle/drinks

-Wear school t-shirt

-Your child may opt to carry a SMALL backpack if desired at the fair, but please do not send the large school backpacks to school that day.  We only need disposable drinks and sack lunch.  A small backpack your child can independently carry is optional and may be filled with hats or any personal items that will help keep your child comfortable throughout the day.  The emphasis here is that your child needs to be able to carry the bag on his/her own, or please do not send it.

-Please let us know if you will be meeting us at the fair or picking up your child directly from fair instead of school.  Drop off time will be 9:45 am, and pick up time will be 2:45; we will provide you with the fair exit location to meet us.

– We will leave by 9:15 and return by 3:45 to school.  With commutes, that allows us about 5 hours at the fair.  There is so much to do there that fit our standards that we will not be including rides in that 5-hour frame.


-Volunteers for Thur: Audrey, Marc A., Mari and Mark S., Marianne, Jessica S-C/David/Avery, Jessica P/Emery



Here are a few upcoming announcements and reminders for your convenience:



  1. School picture day will be Tuesday, September 13 beginning at 9:30 am with Ben Franklin Photography. Please make every effort possible to have attendance for this day, particularly the morning, because make-ups involve possibly going to another center at a later date.  Also, we will take a class composite on this day.  Family members are invited to also take pictures, if you would like to join in with your child!


  1. Our first Parent Night Out has snuck up quickly, and we are so excited! Please consider sending your child on Saturday, Sept 17 from 4-8 pm to school for a fun PNO (school fundraiser).   It was suggested by a few community members that siblings are offered 25% discount, so that is a slight change from last year.  Please contact me to let me know if your child will be attending. Future PNO dates are set for same day of week and time on Dec 3, Feb 11, and Apr 15.  Please consider bringing a friend, as PNO is open to all kids, CSCA students and more!  🙂


  1. Last year, we used recycled fabric to build a class kindness wreath, a way of students recognizing acts of kindness from each other. We are in need of fabric to continue this project.  The fabric could be used clothing such as blouses (no lettering, just solids, florals, patterns, and other generic prints), blankets, sheets, rolls of fabric, or more.


  1. If you took home a large flower pot on wheels last May, would you please send it back? The gardening committee will be starting, and we will put those to use.  Thank you


  1. Kathy (bookkeeper) and Marianne (Quinn’s mom, website volunteer) have worked together to add convenience to tuition payments! You can go to our website,  On the blue bar at the top of the home page you will see a button that says “Pay Tuition”. Please note: There is a $10 processing fee for paying by credit card, so please add that additional amount at the time you pay your tuition. We hope you find this new option easy and convenient! (We will soon be offering the option of eChecks as well.)  THANK YOU, Marianne and Kathy!


  1. On the parent board and table as you enter the classroom, we would like to invite you to leave your personal business information. Let’s support each other!


  1. Please note 2 additions/changes to the field trip schedule below. Popejoy released their schedule, and none of the shows are on Thursdays.  However, there is a science show that we want to attend during science time on Mon, Nov 14: Dr. Kaboom, Live Wire.  We have room for 3 chaperones, first-come, first-serve; just let me know if you would like to come along.  J  Also, Kimo Theater is showing Pocahontas on Thur, November 17th, so we purchased tickets for our class and the Nov 17 volunteers/siblings to attend that show as well.


  1. We are collecting cleaned, recycled items for our simple machine (state fair-building) project. Please send all shapes of objects.  Project begins this Monday.


  1. New photos and videos on Shutterfly this week! You can view photos of our class in action on  Please feel free to post photos you take here.  We are not particular about how albums are organized or where photos are placed on this website.  Thank you for not posting them on social media.  Enjoy!



Field Trips at a Glance–


PE Wed                  Little Gym PE dates TBA


Sept 15                   State Fair (We decided chaperones will not be taking kids on rides, as there are so

many other things we plan to do at the fair, but parents may take their own children on rides.)

(Chaperones: Audrey, Marc A, Mari, Mark S, Marianne, Jessica/David, Jessica P.)

Sept 22                   Explora

(Chaperones: Audrey, Fernande)

Sept 29                   Santa Fe Children’s Museum for engineering

(Chaperones: Audrey, Nissa, Jessica P., Fernande, Jessica Sisneros-Counts)

Oct 6-13                 No field trips due to Fall Break

Oct 20                     Service Project/Problem Solving, library

(Audrey, Mari, Jessica P.)

Oct 27                     Pumpkin Patch

(Audrey, Jovon, Linda, Fernande, Marc A., Marianne, Jessica and David, Jessica P.)

Nov 3                     National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

(Chaperones: Audrey, Fernande, Back-up: Marc)

Nov 10                   We are visiting a farm!  Library

(Chaperones: Audrey, Nissa, Fernande, Jessica P.)

Nov 14                   12:15 Popejoy show-Dr. Kaboom: Live Wire (Chaperones: we have space for first 3 that  tell me they would like to attend.)

Nov 17                   Problem Solving and/or service project in-class; 12:30 Pocahontas show at Kimo Theater
(Chaperones: Audrey, Mari, Marianne, Jessica P.)

Nov 24                   Thanksgiving break

Dec 1                      Fall Out or Kid’s Gym (class will vote), library

(Chaperones: Marc A., Marianne, Jessica Sisneros-Counts)

Dec 8                      Problem Solving, library

(Chaperones: Audrey, Mari, Marc, Jessica P., Marianne)

Dec 15                    Service Project w/(Cuidando Los Ninos wrapping), library, Winter

break ahead

(Chaperones: Audrey, Linda, Jessica P.)





(505) 850-7916 school cell