It takes a community to raise children, and we value our community greatly.

Would you like to become part of the CSCA community as a volunteer?

There are many opportunities for a variety of skills and interests from behind the scenes support to hands on with kids.  Contact us today to find out how you can join our in our JOY or view our Upcoming Events.

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Prior to participating as a CSCA volunteer:

  1. All volunteers must agree to the terms of  our Volunteer Agreement Form , print and return the signed form to the school. 
  2. Additionally, all volunteers must go through a third-party background screening process.

    (Please note that CSCA does not reimburse you for any costs associated with this background screening process.)

As a CSCA Volunteer, I agree to the following:

  • I wish to volunteer so I can be of assistance for students. I understand this role is giving of my time for the greater good of ALL of the students.
  • I am responsible for my energy being as positive as possible when I am in the company of CSCA students.
  • I will model the behavior the kids are supposed to be showing (ie. listening when there is a speaker, “talking on task,” etc).
  • I will be a role model of civic values and societal norms at all times.
  • I will remember to focus on children and value instructional time; I will save adult conversations and parent-teacher-type conference discussions for later.
  • If I have down time during my volunteer role, I will see if there is something I can do to help the teacher prepare for other lessons. If not, I will join the students in their tasks.
  • I will stay with the children I am responsible for at all times, tending to them as my first priority. I will not leave children unattended at any point, and I will not leave my role without alerting the teachers.
  • If I am a chaperone for a field trip, I understand that I am offering a volunteer service and will be responsible for a small group of students, perhaps involving some challenging behaviors of some students.
  • In the case of challenging behaviors, I will first recognize that these are opportunities for life lessons for all involved, as that is the CSCA philosophy. We adults are here to help and facilitate learning at all times using fairness whenever possible. We refrain from judgment and attachments and allow the best learning to come through for all involved, with safety as the # 1 priority.
  • I will seek the aid of the teacher in case of serious discipline situations.
  • If I am doing a lesson with students, the teacher will provide the lesson, or I may co-plan with the teacher using a lesson framework.
  • If I am committed to volunteer on a scheduled time, I will arrive on time and stay as scheduled.
  • If I have to miss, I will first try to contact my own back-up; then I will let director or teacher know the plans for my absence.
  • I work under the direct supervision of the teachers and director.
  • My working relationship with staff and students is one of mutual respect and confidentiality; I realize that information that I have access to in the school or classroom is confidential.
  • I will not share photos of other children on my personal Facebook or social media pages, as I am not informed on which students have photo releases.
  • CSCA’s philosophy on younger siblings accompanying me as a volunteer is that they are welcome to join me because it is good for them and the students, but I must be mindful of supervising my younger children; they are ultimately my responsibility, and if too much classroom disruption incurs on a regular basis, adjustments will need to be made, such as childcare.
  • I cannot give medications or medical treatment to an ill child independently unless emergency, must consult teacher.
  • I cannot promote commercial products, brand names, or political candidates.
  • I must be respectful of all religious doctrines and beliefs.
  • I agree to have my cell phone accessible at all times and answer it as safely as possible when CSCA children are in my care should it be a CSCA related call/text.
  • I will otherwise use my cell phone sparingly and respectfully.
  • I will complete the background check at my own expense (approximately $25).
  • I will follow through on the commitments I have made as a volunteer. If my follow through ability changes, I will let CSCA director know that I am unable to volunteer, as CSCA accepts all paths at all times.

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